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Samhain 2001: the public list

Every year, Dagonet compiles a list of public figures, well-known and obscure, who have passed since last Samhain. You are welcome to use this list in your own memorial services.

The Tragedy of New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania

CNN has a regularly-updated site listing the names of all victims who are known to be dead or assumed by all involved, including their families. Rather than copy them here and update them all month, we’re simply providing that link. I plan to print the list and have it on my Samhain altar.

Jay Livingston – songwriter ("Silver Bells", "Mona Lisa")

Dagmar – 1950s television comedienne

Victor Wong – Asian-American actor (Big Trouble In Little China)

Lani O’Grady – American actress (Mary Bradford, “Eight Is Enough”)

Isaac Stern – Classical violinist.

Justin Wilson – TV chef, comedian, and Cajun.

Lou Boudreau – American baseball player and manager, member of Hall of Fame.

Fred de Cordova – American television producer ("The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson", "The Jack Benny Program", others).

Troy Donohue – American actor (A Summer Place).

Dr Christiaan Barnard – South African surgeon, first person to perform heart transplant.

Lawrence "Crash" Davis – RL Model for Kevin Costner’s character in Bull Durham.

Aaliyah – American pop/R&B singer.

Kathleen Freeman – American actress (Blues Brothers, Sister Mary Stigmata; Singin’ In The Rain, Phoebe Dinsmore).

Lorenzo Music – American voice actor (voice of Garfield The Cat, Carlton the Doorman on "Rhoda").

Ernie K-Doe – American pop singer ("Mother-In- Law").

Mortimer Adler – Philosopher and author ("Great Books Of The Western World", others).

Earl Anthony – American professional bowler.;

SamuelZ Arkoff – American film producer (I Was A Teenage Werewolf, The Amityville Horror, others).

Douglas Adams – British author ("Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy", others).

Johnny Russell – American country singer ("Redneck, White Socks, and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer").

Chet Atkins – American musician, father of the "Nashville Sound" guitar playing style.

Jack Lemmon – American actor (Mister Roberts, China Syndrome, many others).

Carroll O’Connor – American actor (Archie Bunker on "All In The Family".)

John Lee Hooker – American blues musician.

John Hartford – American bluegrass/folk musician and composer ("Gentle On My Mind").

Anthony Quinn – American actor (Zorba The Greek, Lawrence Of Arabia, others).

Imogene Coca – American comedienne and actress ("Your Show Of Shows").

Hank Ketchum – American cartoonist ("Dennis The Menace").

Arlene Francis – American TV personality ("What’s My Line").

Anne Haney – American character actress (Liar Liar, The American President, others).

Whitman Mayo – American actor (Grady on "Sanford And Son").

Perry Como – American musician.

Cliff Hillegrass – Founder of "Cliff’s Notes".

Joey Ramone – American rock musician, founder of The Ramones.

Harvey Ball – Designer of the "Smiley Face".

Harry Secombe – British comedian, "The Goon Show".

Willie Stargell – All-Star first baseman, Pittsburgh Pirates, 1971-1982. Member, Baseball Hall of Fame.

David Graf – American comedic actor (Sgt Eugene Tackleberry, Police Academy movies).

John Phillips – American musician (The Mamas and the Papas).

Norma MacMillan – American voice actress (Sweet Polly Purebred on "Underdog", Casper the Friendly Ghost, others).

Ann Sothern – American actress (Swing Shift Maisie, "Private Secretary", others).

Morton Downey Jr – American shock-talk show host.

Edward Winter – American actor (Colonel Flagg on "M*A*S*H", others).

Glenn Hughes – The Biker, The Village People.

Eddie Mathews – American baseball player.

Dale Earnhardt – American NASCAR driver.

Dale Evans – American Western actress, wife of Roy Rogers.

"Fast Eddie" Parker – American 8-ball Billiards player.

Roy "Cooky" Brown – American actor. "Cooky The Clown" for 25 years on WGN-Chicago’s "The Bozo Show".

Al Waxman – Canadian actor ("Cagney and Lacey", others).

Bryan Gregory – Original lead guitarist, The Cramps rock band.

Nancy Parsons – American actress (Porky’s series, "LA Law", others).

Les Brown – American big band musician ("Sentimental Journey").

Ray Walston – American actor ("My Favorite Martian", "Picket Fences", Damn Yankees, others).

Jason Robards – American actor (All The President’s Men, "The Day After", others).

Victor Borge – Danish musician and comedian.

Billy Barty – American actor and small-persons’- rights activist (Willow, Under The Rainbow, countless others).

Milt Hinton – American jazz session musician and bassist; recorded with Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, others. "Most recorded man in history".

Roebuck "Pops" Staples – American musician, The Staples Singers.

Kirsty McColl – American folk singer ("They Don’t Know", "In These Shoes?", others).

Stan Fox – Former Indy car driver.

Marie Windsor – American B-Movie actress.

Werner Klemperer – German-American actor, musician, and narrator (Colonel Klink on "Hogan’s Heroes", Death Of A Scoundrel, The Nuremberg Files, countless classical recordings as narrator).

Hoyt Curtin – American songwriter ("Theme To The Flinstones").

Gregory Corso – American Beat generation poet.

Iannis Xenakis – Greek experimental composer.

Bill Hanna – American animator and producer, half of Hanna-Barbera.

Christopher Hewitt – British actor ("Mr Belvedere", others).

Robert Ludlum – American author of spy novels (The Bourne Identity, others).

Eudora Welty – American Pulitzer Prize-winning author (The Optomist’s Daughter).

Jimmie Davis – American songwriter and musician ("You Are My Sunshine", others).

Steve Allen – American actor, comedian, author, songwriter, musician. (Technically more than a year old, died 10/30/2000 after I’d done last year’s list).

Thanks to Reclaiming for penning such a useful line as “what is remembered, lives.”

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