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Samhain 2002: the public figure list

Every year, Dagonet compiles a list of public figures, well-known and obscure, who have passed since last Samhain. You are welcome to use this list in your own memorial services.

Agar, John -- American film actor: "Fort Apache", "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon", others.

Ambrose, Stephen -- American historian.

Aucion, Kevyn -- American makeup artist.

Berle, Milton -- American comedian and TV personality -- "Mr Television".

Blake, Whitney -- American TV actress: Mrs Baxter on "Hazel".

Blass, Bill -- American fashion designer.

Burrell, Rusty -- "Rusty The Bailiff" on the original "People’s Court" TV show.

Benson, Mildred Wirt -- First ever Carolyn Keene, inventor of Nancy Drew.

Berg, Dave -- Longtime Mad Magazine cartoonist and inventor of "The Lighter Side Of…"

Berwanger, Jay -- First-ever winner of the Heisman Trophy.

Biggle, Lloyd -- American science fiction writer and historian. "The Tunesmith", others.

Blackwell, Otis -- American songwriter: "Don’t Be Cruel", "All Shook Up", "Great Balls Of Fire", others.

Brown, Ray -- Jazz bassist, member of the Oscar Peterson Trio.

Buck, Jack -- American sportscaster: longtime voice of the St Louis Cardinals.

Castillo, Randy -- American rock musician: former drummer for Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue.

Cela, Camilla Jose -- Spanish author: winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. "La Colmena", others.

Clooney, Rosemary -- American vocalist: "Come On-a My House", others.

Conniff, Ray -- American orchestra leader and arranger, founded the Ray Conniff Singers.

Corey, Jeff -- American actor and McCarthy-era blacklist victim.

Crosby, Robbin -- American rock musician: guitarist and founding member of Ratt.

Crosetti, Frank -- American baseball player: New York Yankees shortstop who played on eight world champions.

Curtis, Keene -- American actor: John Allen Hill on "Cheers", "Heaven Can Wait", others.

Dale, Alan -- Pop vocalist of the 40s and 50s: "Heart Of My Heart", others.

Danz, Cassandra -- American comedienne and gardening expert: Mrs Greenthumbs on "Live With Regis And Kathie Lee".

Davenport, Willie -- American athlete: 110-meter hurdle gold medalist, 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games.

Davis, Benjamin O, Jr -- Member of the Tuskegee Airman and first African-American general in the Air Force.

Demme, Ted -- American film director: "Blow", others.

Devine, Dan -- American football coach: led Notre Dame to the national championship in 1977.

Douglas, Les -- Hockey player: first player to score 100 points in a pro season.

Dudgeon, Gus -- British record producer: Elton John’s "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", David Bowie’s "Space Oddity", others.

Effinger, George Alan -- American science fiction author. The "Muffy" stores, others.

Elizabeth the Queen Mother -- The "Queen Mum".

Entwhistle, John -- Founding member and bassist of The Who.

Esquivel, Juan Garcia -- Mexican musician, composer, arranger, and producer: pioneer in hi-fi recording.

Evans, Josh Ryan -- American actor: Timmy on "Passions", the young Grinch in "The Grinch", others.

Farrell, Eileen -- American pop, jazz, and opera singer.

Felix, Maria -- Mexican actress.

Fertel, Ruth -- Founder of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurant chain.

Forward, Robert L. -- American astrophysicist, engineer, and science fiction author: "Dragon’s Egg", "Starquake", others.

Frankenheimer, John -- Film director: "Birdman of Alcatraz", "Manchurian Candidate", others.

Gorman, Cliff -- American film actor: "The Boys In The Band", "All That Jazz", others.

Gotti, John -- Longtime New York City Mafia boss, the "Teflon Don".

Gould, Stephen Jay -- American science author and biologist.

Graves, Teresa -- African-American comedienne and actress: "Laugh-In" and "Get Christie Love".

Gray, Pete -- St Louis Browns outfielder, 1945, famous for being the only one-armed outfielder in history.

Green, Adolph -- American songwriter: "Singin’ In The Rain", others.

Gregory, James -- American actor: Senator Iselin in "The Manchurian Candidate" and Inspector Luger on "Barney Miller".

Guggenheim, Charles -- American documentary film-maker; four-time Academy Award winner. "RFK Remembered", "A Time For Justice", others.

Haldeman, Jack C "Jay" II -- American science fiction author. There Is No Darkness, others.

Hamilton, Carrie -- American TV actress and daughter of Carol Burnett: Reggie Higgins on "Fame".

Hampton, Lionel -- American jazz and swing great, vibraphone player.

Handler, Ruth -- American inventor of the Barbie Doll.

Harris, Richard -- British actor: King Arthur in "Camelot", Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter movies, others.

Harrison, George -- Member of the Beatles.

Hay, Harry -- American social activist: gay rights pioneer.

Hayes, Bob -- American athlete: "Bullet" Bob Hayes. Double gold medalist at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, later member of Dallas Cowboys.

Hearn, Chick -- American sportscaster: broadcast Los Angeles Laker games for over forty years.

Heyerdahl, Thor -- Norwegian adventurer and archaelogist: author of "Kon-Tiki".

Houser, Michael -- Lead guitarist and founder of rock group Widespread Panic.

Howard, Harlan -- Country music songwriter, known as the "Irving Berlin of country music": "I Fall To Pieces", "Tiger By The Tail", others.

Hunter, Kim -- American actress, "Streetcar Named Desire" and "Planet of the Apes".

Hyakutake, Yuji -- Amateur astronomer and discoverer of Comet Hyakutake.

Jennings, Waylon -- Country music singer, narrator of the "Dukes of Hazzard".

Jones, Chuck -- Warner Brothers animator: developed "Road Runner" and "Tweety and Sylvester" cartoons.

Jurado, Katy -- Mexican actress, "High Noon".

Karsh, Yousuf -- Photographer.

Kile, Darrell -- Baseball pitcher, St Louis Cardinals.

Kimball, Ward -- American animator for Disney Studios: created Jiminy Cricket.

Knight, Damon -- American science fiction author: founder of the Science Fiction Writers of America. "To Serve Man", others.

Kral, Roy -- American jazz musician. Half of Jackie and Roy jazz duo.

Lafferty, R.A. -- American science fiction author. "Past Master", "The Reefs Of Earth", others.

Landers, Ann -- American advice columnist.

Lane, Dick "Night Train" -- American football player: holds single season interception record.

Lee, Peggy -- American jazz and pop singer.

LeNoire, Rosetta -- American TV actress: Mother Winslow on "Family Matters".

Lindgren, Astrid -- Swedish author: creater of Pippi Longstocking.

Logan, Horace Lee -- American radio personality. Coined phrase "Elvis has left the building".

Lomax, Alan -- American musicologist and recording pioneer: singlehanded preserver of blues, folk, and jazz from ethnic populations in the 1930s.

Longford, Elizabeth -- British authoress: biographer of Queen Victoria, the Duke of Wellington, Byron, others.

Lopes, Lisa "Left Eye" -- American pop singer: member of TLC.

Lord, Walter -- American historian and author: "A Night To Remember", others.

Lovelace, Linda -- American film actress and anti-pornography crusader.

Lowndes, Robert A.W. -- American science fiction author and editor.

McKern, Leo -- British actor -- "Rumpole Of The Bailey", "Ladyhawke", "The Prisoner", others.

Milligan, Spike -- British comedian: "The Goon Show", early influence on members of Monty Python.

Moore, Dudley -- British comedian and actor, "Arthur", "10", "Foul Play", others.

Page, LaWanda -- American comedienne, Aunt Esther on "Sanford and Son".

Phillips, Julia -- American film producer: "The Sting", "Taxi Driver".

Pierce, John -- American electrical engineer. Coined the term ‘transistor’.

Pink, Sidney -- American film producer: father of the 3-D feature film.

Porter, Darrell -- Baseball player, St Louis Cardinals, 1982 World Series MVP.

Potok, Chaim -- American author and rabbi -- "The Chosen", "Davita’s Harp", others.

Princess Margaret -- Sister of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Ramone, Dee Dee -- Member, American punk band The Ramones.

Ross, Ted -- American stage and film actor. The Cowardly Lion in "The Wiz", both stage and movie versions.

Rote, Kyle -- American football player and executive.

Russell, Harold J -- American film actor: won Oscar for "The Best Years Of Our Lives".

Scholl, William -- Inventor of the Dr Scholl sandal and founder of the Dr Scholl company.

Schermie, Joe -- American rock musician: original bassist for Three Dog Night ("Joy To The World").

Schrieber, Avery -- American comedian and Doritos! huckster.

Schultze, Norbert -- German songwriter. Composer of WWII hit "Lili Marleen".

Seattle Slew -- Racehorse, winner of the 1977 Triple Crown.

Shuster, Frank -- Canadian comedian: half of the comedy team Shuster and Wayne.

Slaughter, Enos -- American baseball player, St Louis Cardinals -- Hall of Fame member.

Smith, Davey Boy -- American professional wrestler, half of the "British Bulldogs" tag team.

Smith, Howard K -- American news anchor.

Smith, Kevin -- American actor: Ares on "Xena". (NOT the Kevin Smith who directed "Clerks").

Snead, Sam -- American golfing great, winner of 81 tour events.

Staley, Layne -- American rock musician: lead vocalist and guitar player, Alice In Chains.

Steiger, Rod -- American actor -- "In The Heat Of The Night", "Dr Zhivago", others.

Stone, W Clement -- American businessman and philanthropist.

Stuart, Mary -- American TV actress: Jo on "Search For Tomorrow" for 35 years.

Thaw, John -- British actor: played the lead role on "Inspector Morse".

Thesz, Lou -- American professional wrestler.

Thomas, Dave -- Founder of Wendy’s.

Thompson, J. Lee -- British film director. "Cape Fear", "The Guns Of Navarone", others.

Tierney, Lawrence -- American film actor: "Dillinger", "Reservoir Dogs", others.

Unitas, Johnny -- American football quarterback, one of the greatest of all time.

Urich, Robert -- American TV actor, "Vega$", "Spenser: For Hire", others.

Walotsky, Ron -- American science fiction and horror artist.

Warfield, William -- American vocalist and stage actor. "Showboat", "Porgy and Bess", others.

Wasserman, Lou -- American film producer and executive: longtime head of Universal Studios.

Watson, Winifred -- British author and humorist. "Mrs Pettigrew Lives For A Day", others.

Weaver, Sylvester "Pat" -- President of NBC TVs in the 1950s, developed the "Today" and "Tonight" shows.

Webster, Mike -- American football player: center on four Superbowl-winning Pittsburgh Steeler teams.

Wellstone, Paul -- American politician: US Senator from Minnesota and liberal causes champion.

White, Byron "Whizzer" -- American college football great and Supreme Court Justice.

White, Timothy -- Longtime editor-in-chef of Billboard magazine.

Wilder, Billy -- American film director: "Some Like It Hot", "Sunset Boulevard", others.

Wilhelm, Hoyt -- American baseball pitcher, New York Yankees, others: first reliever in Hall of Fame.

Williams, David Wayne -- American rock musician: lead vocalist of Drowning Pool.

Williams, Ted -- American baseball player, Boston Red Sox, last man to hit .400 in a season.

Thanks to Reclaiming for penning such a powerful line as "what is remembered, lives."

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