What is remembered, lives

Samhain 2003: the public list

Dagonet and Cecylyna Dewr, compilers and researchers
Feel free to disseminate with attribution

A note: We spent some time talking about whether to include people like Leni Riefenstahl and Idi Aminas to whether it was appropriate to remember them on Samhain. The decision was made, not by us, but by a Jewish family member, who said in reference to Riefenstahl, "Samhain is a time not only to honor the dead but to learn from them." That settled the matter for us. What is remembered, lives…and in some cases we hope remembering will prevent repeating.

All the dead of all nations, soldiers, reporters, civilians, and others in Iraq

All the dead of all nations, soldiers, reporters, civilians, and others in Afghanistan

All the dead of all nations, soldiers, reporters, civilians, and others in Ghana

All the dead of all nations, soldiers, reporters, civilians, and others in Palestine

All the dead of all nations, soldiers, reporters, civilians, and others in Israel

All the dead of all nations, soldiers, reporters, civilians, and others in Liberia

All the dead of all nations, soldiers, reporters, civilians, and others in Kashmir

All the dead of all nations, soldiers, reporters, civilians, and others in East Timor

And all the dead of all nations, soldiers, reporters, civilians, and others anywhere else there is declared or undeclared war or armed conflict.

All those who have no one to mourn and remember them; the forgotten, the lost, and the abandoned

All who have died for their beliefs or simply for who they are; political prisoners, oppressed minorities, victims of wars of religion

All those who have died of hunger, preventable disease, improper sanitation, ignorance, prejudice, hatred, and other human failings

Most especially, the children.

Rick Husband – Commander, Space Shuttle Columbia

William McCool – Pilot, Space Shuttle Columbia

Michael Anderson – Payload Commander, Space Shuttle Columbia

David Brown – Mission Specialist, Space Shuttle Columbia

Kalpana Chawla – Mission Specialist, Space Shuttle Columbia

Laurel Clark – Mission Specialist, Space Shuttle Columbia

Ilan Ramon – Israeli Payload Specialist, Space Shuttle Columbia

Ellen Cannon Reed – American Wiccan Priestess and author; The Witches' Tarot, Circle of Isis, others

Dylan Ap – ThuinBritish Arch-Druid

Jack Elam – American Western film actor; The Sundowners, Rawhide, others.

Fred Berry – American TV actor; Rerun on What's Happening!

Luis A. Ferre – Puerto-Rican activist, politician, and statehood proponent.

Donald O'Connor – American movie actor and dancer; Singin' In The Rain, others.

Frank O'Bannon – Indiana governor.

Celia Cruz – Cuban musician; the "Queen Of Salsa".

Barry White – American R&B musician; "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe", others.

Leni Riefenstahl – German filmmaker; Triumph Of The Will, others.

Katherine Hepburn – American film actress; The Philadelphia Story, On Golden Pond, too many others to count.

David Brinkley – American TV news caster, NBC News.

Warren Zevon – American rock musician; "Werewolves Of London", "Boom-Boom Mancini", others.

Johnny Cash – American music legend; "Ring Of Fire", Live At Folsom Prison.

Gregory Peck – American film actor; To Kill A Mockingbird, others.

Noel Redding – American rock musician; bassist for Jimi Hendrix.

John Paul Getty – American billionaire.

Fred Rogers – American TV figure; Mr Rogers' Neighborhood.

Nell Carter – American TV and stage actress; Gimme A Break!, others.

Maurice Gibb – British musician; member of the Bee Gees.

Joe Strummer – British rock musician; lead vocalist of The Clash.

Lonnie Donegan – British pop musician; first major British pop star.

Strom Thurmond – American politician.

Elliot Smith – American folk musician"Miss Misery", others.

Bill "Willy" Shoemaker – American jockey; four-time Kentucky Derby winner

William Steig – American cartoonist and illustrator; Shrek, others.

Elia Kazan – American film director; On The Waterfront, A Streetcar Named Desire.

Althea Gibson – American athlete; pioneer African-American tennis player.

Stanley Fafara – American TV actor; Whitey on Leave It To Beaver.

George Plimpton – American author; Paper Lion, others.

Robert Palmer – British rock musician; "Addicted To Love", "Simply Irresistible", others.

Herb Gardner – American playwright; I'm Not Rappaport, others.

Gordon Jump – American TV actor; Mr Carlson on WKRP In Cincinnati.

Slim Dusty – Australian country musician; played at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Sheb Wooley – American musician and actor; High Noon, "Purple People Eater".

John Ritter – American TV actor; Three's Company, Eight Simple Rules, others.

Edward Teller – Hungarian-American physicist; father of the atomic bomb.

Idi Amin – Ugandan dictator.

Gisele MacKenzie – Canadian TV actress and musician; Your Hit Parade, The Sid Caesar Show, others.

Rand Brooks – American film actor; Charles in Gone With The Wind.

Charles Bronson – American film actor; Death Wish, Telefon, others.

Bobby Bonds – American athlete; baseball player, father of Barry Bonds.

Herb Brooks – American sports coach; coach of 1980 gold medal Olympic hockey team.

Gregory Hines – American film and stage actor and dancer; Running Scared, Tap, others.

Sam Phillips – American music promoter; founder of Sun Records, first person to record Elvis Presley.

Benny Carter – American jazz musician and composer; "When Lights Are Low", others.

Buddy Ebsen – American TV actor; Barnaby Jones, The Beverly Hillbillies, others.

Bob Hope – British-born American comedic legend and actor.

Robert McCloskey – American children's author; Make Way For Ducklings, the "Homer Price" series, others.

Buddy Hackett – American film actor and comedian; It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, others.

Leon Uris – American author; Exodus, others.

Larry Doby – American athlete; first African-American in the American League.

Hume Cronyn – American film and stage actor; Cocoon, Foxfire, others.

"Classy" Freddie Blassie – American professional wrestler; performer of Dr Demento staple "Pencil-Necked Geek".

Robert Stack – American TV actor; The Untouchables, Unsolved Mysteries, others.

Dave DeBusschere – American athlete; basketball player with Detroit Pistons and New York Knicks.

Suzy Parker – American model and actress; Funny Face, others.

George Wyle – American composer; wrote theme to Gilligan's Isle.

Peter Stone – American playwright; 1776, My Favorite Year, others.

Felice Bryant – American songwriter; "Wake Up Little Susie", "Rocky Top", others.

Nina Simone – American/French jazz singer and civil rights activist; "I Loves You Porgy", others.

Karen Morley – American film actress and victim of '50s blacklisting; Dinner At Eight, others.

Vera Zorina – German-American dancer and actress.

David Bloom – American reporter for NBC News; killed in Iraq.

Edwin Starr – British-American soul and R&B singer; "War", others.

Adam Faith – British pop musician; "It's Alright", others.

Patrick Moynihan – American politician; former four-term senator from New York.

Lynne Thigpen – American TV actress; The District, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?, others.

Hank Ballard – American songwriter; "The Twist", others.

Richard "Pete" Schrum – American character actor; Gimme A Break!, Terminator 2, others.

Johnny Paycheck – American country musician; "Take This Job And Shove It", others.

Robert Rockwell– American TV actor; Our Miss Brooks, others.

Bill Maudlin – American WWII cartoonist; creator of "Willie And Joe".

Al Hirschfeld – American actor and caricaturist.

Harold C Fox – American designer; created and named the Zoot Suit.

Richard Crenna – American TV and film actor; The Real McCoys, the "Rambo" series, others.

Paul Monash – American scriptwriter and film producer; Butch Cassidy, others.

Ron Goodwin – British film score composer; Where Eagles Dare, Frenzy, others.

Kevin McMichael – British rock musician; founding member and lead guitarist of Cutting Crew.

Royce Applegate – American film and TV actor; Seaquest DSV, Gods And Generals, others.

Conrad Hall – Tahitian-American cinematographer; American Beauty, Road To Perdition, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, others.

Mary Wesley – British author; The Camomile Lawn, others.

Zal Yanovsky – Canadian rock musician; lead guitarist of the Lovin' Spoonful.

Brad Dexter – American film actor; The Magnificent Seven, others.

Glenn Quinn – Irish TV actor; Angel, Roseanne, others.

James Coburn – American film actor; The Magnificent Seven, Afflicted, others.

Merlin Santana – American film actor; Showtime, others.

Jonathan Harris – American TV actor; Dr Smith on Lost In Space.

Bernard Schwartz – American producer and child actor; Coal Miner's Daughter, others

Don Evans – American playwright; "Black Arts" movement pioneer

Janice Rule – American film and stage actress and psychoanalyst; Bell, Book, and Candle, others

Bertram Brockhouse – Canadian Nobel-prizewinning physicist

Bill Shoemaker – American jockey; four-time Kentucky Derby winner

Carolyn Heilbrun, aka Amanda Cross – American feminist scholar and mystery writer

Eleanor Lambert – American "Empress of Fashion"; keeper of the Best-Dressed List

Fred Tuttle – Vermont dairy farmer and film actor

Marie Foster – American civil rights activist; leader in "Bloody Sunday" in Selma, Alabama

Charles Bennett – US Representative; co-sponsored Americans with Disabilities act, created House Ethics committee, sponsored "In God We Trust" motto

Monsignor Robert Hupp – American leader of Boys Town

Jack Eisner – Polish-American founder of the Holocaust Survivors Memorial Foundation; author, The Survivor

Jinx Falkenburg – American actress and radio star; pioneered the talk show

Rear Admiral Richard Bennis – Coast Guard; directed NY Harbor evacuation after 9/11

F. C. Robbins – American physician; won Nobel Prize for polio research

Tex McCrary – American radio star; pioneered talk show with Jinx Falkenburg

Vance Hartke – Former US Senator from Indiana; opposed Vietnam War

Kurt Semm – German-American surgeon; founder of laparoscopic surgery; was ridiculed for technique

John Schlesinger – British film director; Midnight Cowboy, others

Carol Matthau – American actress and writer; real-life Holly Golightly

Nicolas Freeling – British detective novelist; "Van der Valk" stories

Carol Shields – American/Canadian Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist; The Stone Diaries, others

Chaim Engel – Polish-American author; escapee from Sobibor

George Axelrod – American play and film writer; The Seven Year Itch, Breakfast at Tiffanys, others

Johnny Miles – American athlete; Boston Marathon winner

Robert Good – American physician; immunology pioneer, founder of bone marrow transplant technique

Sir Bernard Williams – British philosopher and moral relativist; professor at London, Cambridge, Berkeley, and Oxford

Mickie Most – British pop producer; House of the Rising Sun, others

Burke Marshall – American assistant attorney general; influential in civil rights movement

Ilya Prigogine – Russian/Belgian Nobel-prizewinning chemist; "grandfather of chaos theory"

Sloan Wilson – American author; The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, A Summer Place, others

C. A. Tripp – American psychologist and author; The Homosexual Matrix challenged concept that homosexuality was unhealthy

Vincent Freda – American physician; invented Rhogam vaccine

Dame Wendy Hiller – British actress; Pygmalion, Murder on the Orient Express, others

George Morrow – American mathematician and programmer; instrumental in creation of personal computers

Walter Sisulu – South African civil rights activist; Nelson Mandela's aide in abolition of apartheid

Bishop Paul Moore – Episcopal Bishop; social justice and peace activist, helped open Episcopal Church to ordain women

Ray Hicks – American storyteller and folklorist

Martha Griffiths – Michigan Congresswoman and women's rights activist; "mother of the ERA"

Cecil Green – American engineer and founder of Texas Instruments, developer of the first silicon transistor

Babatunde Olatunji – Nigerian drummer; 1959 album Drums of Passion brought African drumming to the US, inspired Grateful Dead, Santana

Michael Jeter – American actor; "Mr. Noodle" on Sesame Street, others

Robert Borque – Designer of "Zoltan the Astrological Wizard" penny arcade machines

Howard Fast – American author; Spartacus, Citizen Tom Paine, others

Matt Jeffries – American motion picture and TV art director; designed Star Trek's Enterprise and "Jeffries Tubes" are named after him

Virginia Heinlein – Science fiction author Robert Heinlein's widow

Monique Wittig – French novelist and professor; leader in French feminist and lesbian movements

Sydney Omarr – American astrologer

Ian MacNaughton – British director of Monte Python's Flying Circus, others

George Roy Hill – American film director; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, others

Frederick Knott – American playwright; Dial M for Murder, Wait Until Dark, others

Karel Reisz – American director; The French Lieutenant's Woman, others

Billy Guy – American singer; baritone member of "The Coasters"

Kir Bulychov – Russian science fiction writer; Alice: The Girl From Earth, others

Virginia Kidd – American literary agent, author and editor; first female literary agent in speculative fiction

Charles Sheffield – British Nebula/Hugo award-winning science fiction author

Jerry Sohl, aka Nathan Butler – American science fiction and screenplay writer; writer for Twilight Zone and Star Trek, others

Gladys Brandt – revivalist of Hawaiian native culture

Dee Brown – American author, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, others

Thanks to Reclaiming for penning such a useful line as “what is remembered, lives.”

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