What is remembered, lives

2004 Samhain Litany Of The Dead

October 29, 2004
Compiled by Dagonet Dewr (Contact him)
Please send omissions and corrections - I'm only human.
Editorial comments and descriptions are my own, except in the first (Pagan) section; some of those were written by those who knew them better. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the folks I'd missed, and made this revision possible.

What is remembered, lives...

Alison Harlow – Longtime Feri priestess, Santa Cruz County. CA.

Grant "Frater S.P.R.V." E Pontius – Pagan priest, activist, and author, South Bend, IN.

Donna Schultz – Longtime Pagan Way priestess, Chicago, IL.

Richard "Imhotep" Roberts – Pagan artist, Nelson, BC/Toronto, ON, Canada

Joe Dzielak – Longtime Pagan, New Jersey.

Serge Clapa – Belgian-American alternative artist and webcrafter.

Coleman Todd Constable – Longtime Pagan, Charleston, SC.

Harry McBride – Gardnerian, OTO member, and longtime community member, Oakland, CA.

Wendy McKenna – Druid archaelogist, co-LC of Pagan Pride UK.

Joseph Bearwalker Wilson – Teacher, rootworker, shaman and Witch. Founder of 1734, Toteg Tribe and Metista.

Jim "Moondog" Runnels – Bloomington, MN. CoG, Harmony Tribe, PSG, Reclaiming, and Brothers of the Key. Author of the Morrison Ritual.

Rev. Ricky "UncleWolf" Bjugan – Co-Founder of and minister in the Wiccan Church of Minnesota, Teacher, Mentor, and Beloved Crusty Curmudgeon.

MaDonna Moonhawk Estefan – Member of the Pagan community, Ohio.

James Dayton Looman – Priest, Church of All Worlds.

Judy "Lady Bridget" Carusone – Texas Pagan. Original member and past director, Council of Magickal Arts.

Donald D Harrison – Founder, Church of the Eternal Source and the Julian Review.

Rev. Robert Black Eagle – Pagan Writer and Custodian Priest of the Temple of Hecate, Ft Worth, TX

Shirley Davis – Pagan Pride Local Coordinator, Fayetteville, AR.

Patricia Kunz – Pagan priestess, elder, and activist, San Francisco, CA.

India Blue – Wiccan photojournalist.

Andrew Chumbley – British magician, author, and artist.

John Peel – British broadcaster; Radio 1's Top Gear.

Betty Hill – American UFO researcher and alleged abduction victim.

Rodney Dangerfield – American comedian and actor; Caddyshack.

Bobby Hatfield – American musician; member, Righteous Brothers.

Hal Clement – American science fiction author.

Ruben Gonzalez – Cuban musician; Buena Vista Social Club.

Jeff Brown – American children's author; Flat Stanley.

David Hemmings – Actor; Blow-Up.

Jonathan Brandis – American actor; seaQuest DSV.

Tony Thompson – American musician; drummer for the Power Station.

Penny Singleton – American actress; voice of Jane Jetson.

Michael Kamen – American composer.

Dorothy Loudon – American actress; original Miss Hannigan in Annie.

Lotte Berk – German/English dancer and fitness instructor.

Ray Charles – American musician; one of the greatest pop singers of his generation. "Hit The Road Jack".

Don Gibson – American musician and songwriter. "I Can't Stop Loving You".

Kellie Waymire – American television actress. Six Feet Under, Friends, Ally McBeal.

Gene Anthony Ray – American actor. Fame.

Warren Spahn – American baseball player and Hall Of Famer.

Earl Bellamy – American TV director; M*A*S*H, The Lone Ranger, others.

Paul Simon – Former US Senator from Illinois and 1992 presidential candidate.

Keiko – Norwegian killer whale; star of the "Free Willy" movies.

Hans Hotter – German opera singer.

Otto Graham – American football quarterback and Hall of Famer.

Hope Lange – American actress; Peyton Place.

Bruce Palmer – American musician; bassist, Buffalo Springfield.

Pierre Salinger – American journalist and political spokesman.

Donald Gardner – American songwriter; "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth".

Dr John Mack – American psychologist and leading researcher on alien abductions.

Ken Caminiti – American baseball player; three-time Gold Glove winner.

Christopher Reeve – American actor and activist. Superman, others.

Skeeter Davis – American country music artist; "The End Of The World".

Fred Ebb – American Broadway lyricist; Cabaret, Chicago.

Russ Meyer – American film director; Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!

Frank Thomas – American animator; Mary Poppins, Lady And The Tramp.

Marvin Mitchelson – American divorce lawyer.

Johnny Ramone – American rock musician; guitarist and co-founder, The Ramones.

Tiny Doll – One of the last ten remaining Munchkins from The Wizard Of Oz.

Michael Louden – American daytime TV actor; As The World Turns, others.

Godfrey Hounsfield – British electrical engineer; co-inventor of the CAT Scan.

David Raksin – American composer; The Theme From Laura.

Michael Eagan – American classical musician and composer; co-founder of the Musica Angelica.

Laura Branigan – American pop musician; "Gloria", "Self-Control", others.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross – Swiss psychiatrist; expert on death and dying.

Al Dvorin – American announcer; invented the term "Elvis has left the building".

Czeslaw Milosz – Polish author and Nobel laureate; The Seizure Of Power.

Frank Maxwell – American character actor.

Elmer Bernstein – Ukranian-American film composer; The Ten Commandments, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Ivan Hlinka – Czech hockey player and coach. Coached 1998 gold medal winning team.

Neil Fredericks – American cinematographer; the Blair Witch Project.

Donald Justice – American Pulitzer-Prize winning poet.

Sam McKim – American architect; helped design Disneyland.

Julia Child – American culinary expert, cook, and TV personality.

Jackson Beck – American voice artist; famous for his rendition of "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman!"

Fay Wray – American actress and girlfriend of King Kong.

Red Adair – American oil well firefighter.

Rick James – American soul/funk musician; Superfreak, others.

Stephen R Tabet – American physician and AIDS activist.

William A Mitchell – American food scientist and inventor of "Pop Rocks".

Naomi Shermer – Israeli pop musician and songwriter.

Francis Crick – British biochemist; one of the co-discoverers of DNA.

Arthur Kane – American rock musician; member of the New York Dolls.

Isabel Sanford – American Emmy-winning actress; Weezie Jefferson on "The Jeffersons".

Paula Danziger – American children's author; Amber Brown, The Cat Ate My Gymsuit.

Jeff Smith – American culinary expert; the Frugal Gourmet.

Syreeta Knight – American R&B songwriter and stage star; "Signed, Sealed, Delivered".

Winona Sullivan – American mystery writer.

Bernard Grant – American TV actor; The Guiding Light, others.

Rodger Ward – American race car driver; winner of the 1959 Indy 500.

John Cullen Murphy – American cartoonist; Prince Valiant.

Marlon Brando – American actor, one of the greatest of all time. The Wild One, Apocalypse Now, On The Waterfront.

Bob Bemer – American computer scientist; helped develop ASCII.

Ben Shabalaba – South African musician; member of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Max Rosenberg – American filmmaker; The Curse Of Frankenstein.

Derek Frigo – American rock musician; guitarist for Enuff Z'nuff.

Roosevelt "Rosey" Brown – American football player; Hall of Famer.

Robert Quine – American musician; famed session and lead guitarist.

Ronald Reagan – 40th American President.

Gerald Anthony – American daytime TV actor; One Life to Live, General Hospital.

Archibald Cox – American special prosecutor; fired by Richard Nixon for refusing to drop Watergate investigation.

Samuel Dane – American lawyer; chief counsel for the Senate Committee on Watergate. (And who says there aren't conspiracy theories?)

Ramona Trinidad Iglesias-Jordan – Puerto Rican; world's oldest woman at time of death. (114)

Richard Biggs – American actor. Dr Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5. (Good luck on walkabout…)

Anthony Ainley – British actor. The Master on Dr Who.

Elvin Jones – American musician and jazz drummer.

Tony Randall – American actor; The Odd Couple, M Butterfly.

Anna Lee – British actress; General Hospital.

Syd Hoff – American illustrator of children's books; Danny And The Dinosaur.

Brenda Fassie – South African musician and pop star.

Elizabeth Cronin – One of only two female American hostages in Iran, 1979-1980.

John Whitehead – American R&B performer and producer.

Barney Kassel – American jazz guitarist.

Alan King – Jewish-American actor and comedian.

Zulu – Hawaiian-American TV actor; Detective Kono Kalakaua on Hawaii Five-O.

Homer Avila – American dancer and choreographer.

Thom Gunn – British-American poet and AIDS activist.

Bonnie Jo Halpin – The original Playboy Bunny.

Mary McGrory – American political writer and columnist. First female winner of Pulitzer for commentary.

Hubert Selby Jr – American author; Requiem For A Dream, Last Exit To Brooklyn.

Harry Holt – American animator; The Flintstones, Tom And Jerry.

Estee Lauder – American businesswoman and cosmetics magnate.

Pat Tillman – American professional football player who gave up his career to serve in the Army Rangers. KIA in Afghanistan.

Ray Condo – Canadian rockabilly musician.

Norris McWhirter – English editor; co-founder of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Denny Dent – American painter.

Johnny Bristol – American R&B musician; Hang On In There Baby.

Victor Argo – American character actor.

Bob Copper – British folk singer.

Alistair Cooke – British broadcaster and television personality; Masterpiece Theatre.

Peter Ustinov – British Academy Award-winning actor and author; Quo Vadis, Spartacus.

Jan Berry – American musician; half of Jan & Dean.

William Pickering – American scientist and engineer; helped launch the first US satellite in 1957.

Princess Juliana – Queen of the Netherlands.

J.J. Jackson – American TV personality; one of the original MTV Veejays.

Mercedes McCambridge – American Academy Award-winning actress and voiceover artist; All The King's Men, the voice of the devil in The Exorcist.

Josh McGeoch – British rock musician; guitarist for Siouxsie & The Banshees, Public Image Ltd.

Dave Blood – American rock musician; bassist for the Dead Milkmen.

Robert Pastorelli – American TV actor; Eldin the painter on Murphy Brown.

Paul Winfield – American Academy Award-winning actor; Sounder, Star Trek II.

Spalding Gray – American monologuist, comedian, and actor; The Killing Fields.

Jerome Lawrence – American playwright; Inherit The Wind, Auntie Mame.

Marge Schott – Controversial American baseball team owner.

Carl Anderson – American actor; Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar!

John Randolph – American Tony Award-winning stage actor.

Ron O'Neal – American stage and movie actor.

Joe Viterelli – American movie actor; Analyze This, Analyze That.

Hitoshi Takagi – Japanese voice actor; My Neighbor Totoro.

Jan Miner – American commercial actress; Madge the Manicurist from the Palmolive ads.

Syd Solomon – American abstract artist.

Julius Schwartz – American comic book artist.

Jason Raize – American stage and voice actor; Denahi in Brother Bear.

Alexandra Ripley – American author; Scarlett.

Jack Paar – American TV personality; The Tonight Show.

Bob Keeshan – Captain Kangaroo. Enough said.

Ann Miller – American actress and tap dancer; On The Town, Kiss Me Kate. ("Who's Ann Miller?" "Get OUT of my house.")

Ray Rayner – American TV personality; Chicago-area children's TV host.

Noble Willingham – American character actor.

Charles Berlitz – American linguist and expert on the Bermuda Triangle.

Jack Cady – American SF/Fantasy author; The Night We Buried Road Dog.

Olivia Goldsmith – American author; the First Wives Club.

Uta Hagen – German-American actress and acting teacher; Tony Award- winner for Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf.

Yinka Dare – Nigerian-American professional basketball player.

Joan Aiken – British author.

Lewis Allen – American Tony Award-winning theatrical producer; Annie.

Tug McGraw – American baseball player; two-time All Star and author of McGraw's Law ("In two million years, the earth will be a frozen ball hurtling through space and no one will care if I struck this guy out".)

John Gregory Dunne – American screenwriter; A Star Is Born.

Terry Lester – American daytime TV actor; The Young And The Restless.

Earl Hindman – American TV actor; Wilson The Neighbor Behind The Fence on Home Improvement.

Sir Alan Bates – British actor; Zorba The Greek.

Harold Braunhut – The inventor of Amazing Sea Monkeys!

Johnny Cunningham – Scottish fiddle player; co-founder of Silly Wizard.

Jeanne Crain – American Academy Award-nominated actress; Pinky.

Margaret Singer – American psychologist and author; twice nominated for Nobel Prize.

Edward Schempp – Original plaintiff in case that removed Bible- reading from US schools.

Art Carney – American Academy Award-winning actor; The Honeymooners, Harry And Tonto.

Art James – American television announcer and game-show host.

Thanks to Witchvox (http://www.witchvox.com), the Blog of Death (http://www.blogofdeath.com), and CNN (http://cnn.com) for obituary information.

Thanks to Reclaiming for penning such a useful line as “what is remembered, lives.”

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