What is remembered, lives

2005 Samhain Litany Of The Dead

October 29, 2005
Compiled by Dagonet Dewr (Contact him)
Please send omissions and corrections - I'm only human.
With thanks to deathbeeper.com, the deathwatch mailing list, WitchVox, and major news organizations everywhere. All editorial commentaries are mine. All omissions are mine as well, and I take responsibility for them before the fact. Sources are cited where appropriate. Entries are in no particular order, save that the Pagan community's dead are listed first and large groups are listed second. As always, please spread this to any list you can.

What is remembered, lives...

Randolph "Lord Ravenwind" Clayton – Pagan priest, North Carolina.

Monica Sjoo – Artist and early pioneer in the women's spirituality movement. Author, "The Great Cosmic Mother".

Elizabeth Pepper – Longtime author of "The Witches Almanac".

Asphodel Long – Goddess scholar and poet.

Elspeth – High priestess, Tennessee.

Felicitas Goodman – Shaman, author, and academic. Author, "Where The Spirits Ride The Wind".

John "Jack" Armstrong – Chicago pagan, founding High Priest of Heartland Coven.

Lady Serenity – Wiccan, teacher, and women's activist, Madison, Wisconsin.

Lord Loic – Wiccan high priest, New York City.

As many as 300,000 dead in the December 26 tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Approximately 80,000 dead in Pakistani earthquake.

Approximately 2,000 dead in Hurricane Stan in Guatemala.

1,281 casualties in Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. (Source: Yahoo! News, 10/19.)

Over 100 casualties in Hurricane Rita in Texas and Louisiana.

38 casualties in Hurricane Wilma in Florida.

26 casualties in Tropical Storm Alpha in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Between 26 and 30,000 civilians in the Iraq conflict. (source: iraqbodycount.org).

2,018 US soldiers in the Iraq conflict. (Source: icasualties.org).

199 UK and other coalition soldiers in the Iraq conflict. (Source: icasualties.org).

Wah-meesh-mis (George Watts) – Native American activist; founder of Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council in British Columbia.

Pierre Berton – Canadian writer.

Reggie White – American football player.

Johnny Oates – American baseball manager.

O.D.B. – American rap musician.

Dick Heckstall-Smith – British jazz saxophonist and session musician.

Susan Sontag – American author and activist.

Hank Garland – American jazz guitarist.

Ruth Warrick – American TV star; Phoebe Tyler Wallingford on "All My Children".

Ossie Davis – American movie actor; Bubba Ho-Tep, Jungle Fever, others.

Sandra Dee – American movie actress; Gidget, A Summer Place, others.

Hunter S Thompson – American journalist and author; Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, others.

Dr Gene Scott – American saxophone-playing televangelist.

Edward Patten – American soul and R&B singer; member of Gladys Knight And The Pips.

Chris LeDoux – American country musician.

Teresa Wright – American movie actress; won 1943 Best Actress Oscar for Mrs Miniver.

Debra Hill – American film producer; The Fisher King, Halloween.

Paul Partain – American film actor; Franklin in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Spencer Dryden – American rock musician; drummer for Jefferson Airplane.

Son Seals – American blues musician.

John Delorean – American businessman and automobile developer.

Tyrone Davis – American soul singer; "Turning Point", "Turn Back The Hands Of Time", others.

Dave Allen – Irish comedian; Tonight With Dave Allen. "Good night, and may your god go with you."

Danny Joe Brown – American rock musician; lead singer of Molly Hatchet.

Rod Price – American rock musician; guitarist, Foghat.

Barney Martin – American television actor. Morty Seinfeld on Seinfeld.

Johnnie Cochran – American lawyer; defended OJ Simpson.

Terri Schaivo – American political issue and, not incidentally, wife and daughter.

Robert Creeley – American poet.

Frank Perdue – American chicken magnate.

Jack Keller – American lyricist. Theme From Bewitched (did you know it had lyrics?)

Pope John Paul II.

Saul Bellow – American novelist and Nobel Prize winner. Herzog, Humboldt's Gift.

Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Maria Schell – Austrian movie actress.

Sir John Mills – British actor. Academy Award Winner, Best Supporting Actor 1971, Ryan's Daughter.

Johnnie Johnson – American musical composer; "Roll Over Beethoven", "No Particular Place To Go", others.

Eduardo Paolozzi – Scottish sculptor.

John Fred Gourrier – American rock musician, lead singer of John Fred and His Playboys; "Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)".

Tristan Egolf – Spanish-American novelist. Lord Of The Barnyard, others.

Red Horner – Canadian hockey player; member of Hockey Hall of Fame.

Bob Hunter – Canadian political activist; co-founder of Greenpeace.

Jimmy Martin – American bluegrass musician.

Frank Gorshin – American television actor; The Riddler in the 1966 "Batman" movie.

Henry Corden – American voice performer; the voice of Fred Flintstone.

Howard Morris – American comedic actor; Dr Zidell in Splash, voice of Jughead Jones in Archie comic series.

Vernon Grant – American college athlete; safety for Oklahoma State's football team.

Ismail Merchant – British filmmaker; half of renowned Merchant Ivory Productions.

Eddie Albert – American television and movie actor; Green Acres, Escape To Witch Mountain, others.

Thurl Ravenscroft – American voice performer and singer; the voice of Tony The Tiger and the singer of "You're A Mean One, Mr Grinch".

Graham Kennedy – Australian television performer; the "King Of Australian Television".

Leon Askin – Austrian television performer; General Burkhalter on "Hogan's Heroes".

Anne Bancroft – American movie actress; 1963 Best Actress Oscar for The Miracle Worker; The Graduate, others.

Dana Elcar – American television actor; Pete on MacGyver.

David C Sutherland – American illustrator; longtime artist in TSR's Dungeons and Dragons books.

Richard Eberhart – American poet.

Lane Smith – American actor.

Karl Mueller – American rock musician; bassist, Soul Asylum.

Ronald Winans – American gospel musician.

Paul Winchell – American voice performer; voice of Tigger in several Disney movies.

Shelby Foote – American author and historian; The Civil War: A Narrative.

'Obie' Benson – American R&B singer, member of the Four Tops.

Oscar Brown Jr – American R&B and jazz singer and political activist.

John Fiedler – American voice performer; voice of Piglet in several Disney movies.

Luther Vandross – American soul and R&B singer; "Here And Now", "Stop To Love", many others.

Christopher Fry – British playwright; The Lady's Not For Burning, others.

Hank Stram – American football coach and member of US Football Hall of Fame.

Admiral James Stockdale – American politician; Ross Perot's running mate in 1992 presidential election.

Gaylord Nelson – American political figure; founder of Earth Day, former US Senator from Wisconsin.

June Haver – American film actress.

Ernest Lehman – American screenwriter; West Side Story, others.

L Patrick Grey – American political figure; FBI chief under Nixon during Watergate scandal.

Evan Hunter – American author; The Blackboard Jungle, the 87th Precinct mysteries (writing as Ed McBain).

Frances Langford – American musician and singer.

Big Al Downing – American rockabilly and country musician.

Kevin Hagen – American television actor; Doc Baker on Little House On The Prairie.

Byron Preiss – American science fiction anthologist, illustrator, and author.

James Doohan – American television actor; Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott on Star Trek.

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

Edward Bunker – American movie actor; Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs.

George D Wallace – American movie serial actor; Commando Cody, Radar Men From The Moon.

Pat McCormack – American comedic actor; The Gong Show, Smokey And The Bandit.

Geraldine Fitzgerald – Irish-American movie actress; Arthur, Wuthering Heights, others.

General William Westmoreland – American military figure; US commander in Vietnam, 1964-'68.

Long John Baldry – British rock and blues musician.

Gerry Thomas – American entrepreneur; inventor of the TV Dinner.

Charles Chibitty – Native American military figure; last surviving Comanche 'code-talker'.

Eugene Record – American R&B musician; member of the Chi-Lites.

Myron Floren – American musician; longtime accordion player on The Lawrence Welk Show.

Peter Jennings – Canadian-American news broadcaster.

Laurel Aitken – British musician; 'Godfather Of Ska'.

Ibrahim Ferrer – Cuban musician; singer with the Buena Vista Social Club.

Little Milton Campbell – American blues musician.

John H Johnson – American magazine publisher; founder of Ebony, Jet.

Gene Mauch – American baseball manager.

Judith Rossner – American author; Looking For Mr Goodbar.

Barbara Bel Geddes – American TV actress; Miss Ellie on Dallas.

Dorris Bowden – American movie actress; The Grapes Of Wrath, others.

Matthew McGrory – American movie actor; Big Fish, others.

Dennis Lynds – American mystery author; wrote as 'Michael Collins'.

Ted "Double-Duty" Radcliffe – American baseball player; great Negro League catcher and pitcher.

Coo-Coo Marlin – American race car driver; early NASCAR figure.

Thomas Herrion – American football player; member of the San Francisco 49ers.

Robert Moog – American synthesizer inventor and musician.

Vassar Clements – American musician and fiddle player; father of 'Hillbilly jazz'.

Brock Peters – American movie actor; Ghosts Of Mississippi, To Kill a Mockingbird, others.

Michael Sheard – British movie actor; Admiral Ozzel in The Empire Strikes Back.

William Rehnquist – American political figure; Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Bob Denver – American television actor; Gilligan on Gilligan's Island, Maynard G Krebs on The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis.

Rosa Parks – American political activist; mother of the civil rights movement.

Elmer Dresslar Jr – American voice performer; voiced the Jolly Green Giant.

Shirley Horn – American jazz vocalist.

Eugene "Gordon" Lee – American child actor; Porky on the Our Gang comedies.

Louis Nye – American comedic actor.

Roger Brierley – British television actor.

Ronnie Barker – British comedic actor; Open All Hours, The Two Ronnies, others.

Nipsey Russell – American comedian, actor, and poet; The Wiz, "The Match Game", many others.

August Wilson – American playwright; Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, others.

M Scott Peck – American author and psychologist; The Road Less Traveled, others.

Don Adams – American television actor and voice performer; Get Smart, Inspector Gadget, others.

Thomas Ross Bond – American child actor; Butch the bully in the Our Gang comedies.

Molly Yard – American political activist; former president of the National Organization for Women.

Joe Bauman – American baseball player; holder of minor league record for most home runs in a season.

Willie Hutch – American songwriter; "I'll Be There", others.

Simon Wiesenthal – Austrian political activist, Holocaust survivor, and Nazi hunter.

Al Casey – American jazz musician; longtime guitarist for Fats Waller.

Robert Wise – American film director and Academy Award winner; The Sound Of Music, West Side Story, others.

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown – American blues musician.

David Jackson – British television actor; Olag Gan on Blake's 7.

Jack Kilby – American inventor; invented the integrated circuit.

Lorna Thayer – American movie actress; Five Easy Pieces. (She wouldn't let Jack Nicholson order toast.)

David Diamond – American classical music composer.

Jean O'Leary – American political activist; helped create National Coming Out Day.

George Mikan – American basketball player; first dominant big man whose Minneapolis Lakers won five championships.

Joe Grant – American artist; designed the Queen/Wicked Witch for Disney in Snow White.

Mason Adams – American television actor; Charlie Hume on Lou Grant.

Stan Levey – American jazz drummer.

Andrea Dworkin – American political figure and author; writer on pornography and violence against women.

Dale Messick – American cartoonist; created Brenda Starr.

Paul Hester – Australian rock musician; drummer for Crowded House.

Bobby Short – American musician.

Andre Norton – American science fiction and fantasy author; Witch World, others.

Nicole DeHuff – American movie actress; Meet The Parents.

Rick Mahler – American baseball player; former Atlanta Braves pitcher.

Reggie Roby – American football player; longtime Miami Dolphins punter.

Dan O'Herlihy – Irish-American actor; Fail-Safe, Robocop, others.

Jack L Chalker – American science fiction author; the Dancing Gods and Well Of Souls series, others.

Dick Weber – American professional bowler and member of the Bowling Hall of Fame.

Arthur Miller – American playwright; Death Of A Salesman, The Crucible, others.

Keith Knudson – American rock musician; longtime drummer for The Doobie Brothers.

John Vernon – American movie actor; Dean Wormer in Animal House.

Ray Peterson – American singer; Tell Laura I Love Her, others.

Jim Capaldi – British rock musician; drummer for Traffic.

Johnny Carson – American television personality; host of the Tonight Show for almost 30 years.

Lamont Bentley – American television actor; Moesha.

Charlotte MacLeod – American mystery author

Virginia Mayo – American movie actress; The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, others.

Thelma White – American movie actress and star of Reefer Madness.

Jimmy Griffin – American musician; co-founder of the group Bread.

James Forman – American civil rights activist.

Will Eisner – American comic book artist; "The Spirit".

Kelly Freas – American science-fiction and fantasy illustrator and comic book artist.

Shirley Chisholm – American political figure; first black woman elected to US Congress.

Artie Shaw – American musician; bandleader and jazz clarinetist.

Jerry Orbach – American television and movie actor; Law And Order, Dirty Dancing, others.

Kevin Coyne – British singer-songwriter.

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott – American musician; heavy metal guitarist with Damageplan.

Jerry Scoggins – American singer; The Ballad Of Jed Clampett.

Joseph Hansen – American author and gay rights activist.

Mona Van Duyn – American poet; former US Poet Laureate.

Larry Brown – American author; Joe, Dirty Work, others.

Arthur Hailey – American author; Airport, The Moneychangers, others.

Cy Coleman – American composer and songwriter; Sweet Charity, The Best Is Yet To Come, others.

Dayton Allen – American voice performer; voice of Deputy Dawg.

Harry Lampert – American comic book artist; creator of The Flash.

Yassir Arafat – Palestinian political figure; president of Palestine.

Howard Keel – American television and movie actor; Annie Get Your Gun, Showboat, Clayton Farlow on Dallas, others.

Thanks to Reclaiming for penning such a useful line as “what is remembered, lives.”

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