Event- Pagan Pride Day

Pride in be Pagan
In the last saturday, day 22, The Ibirapuera Park, in Sao Paulo, had more an Abrawicca(Brazilian Association of the Carft and Philosohy of the Wicca Religion) event.

by Udi Lestat and Cesar Nunes

The Ibirapuera was totally Pagan, starting with the Orishas decorating the principal lake

The Spring coming was celebrated with the International Pagan Pride Day commemoration, that in it first Brazilian edition, united more than 200 people in name of the Pagan expresion of liberty.

People going to the meeting point to the activities local

The meeting started at 10 o' clock, with sharing of purple ribbons, the color that was choose to represent the cause. Had workshop of Ostara's eggs and Pagan Chants, besides a cloth panel where the participants wrote messages and an express workshop talking about Wicca to laymen.

“We want not to convert anyone to the Paganism. We only want to vindicate our right to manifest our faith without restrictions or preconception by other religions", said the Abrawicca's president and Coordinator of the Pagan pride Day in Sao Paulo, Claudiney Prieto

He resents the absence of others religions and more Wiccans at the event. “Unfortunately the Brazil is the unique Country where have this separation inside the Paganism". But he celebrates the great number of no-Pagans that was interested in to know the Witchcraft. “I, for example, would not go out my home with this rain”, he jokes.

The day was finished with an open Ostara ritual, where the folks celebrated the equinox with chants, dances and askings: one for yourself, other for someone beloved and the third to the World, asking peace. Later the Circle was open, and had yet a Spiral Dance.

Firt Contact

“When I saw these people here, I thought that they were crazies”.

The promoter Jessica Moraes Neta, 18 years old(left), had a great fright when knew that the "crazies" were Witches.
“I thought in to go out running”

In the Pagan Pride Day, what more we saw was Witches explaining their faiths to the lookers-on, that, knew about the event principally by the Claudiney's radio program at the Mundial Radio(95,7fm) , and went to the Park to know more about "this story of Witchcraft".The therapists Leila Braga, 47 years old,and Angela Maria Lima, 45 years old, saw a Tv documentary about Wicca and wanted to know what the Craft "have of good". “We are universalists: we join inside one religion, keep what it have of interesting and later we go out", they said .

In the middle of the moviment, two girls,  distributed questionaries between the people. They were students of Propaganda and Marketing of UNIP Luana Gati, 19 years old, and Alessandra Maciel, 20 years old, making a work about Religious Marketing. “ Every year, the choose religions are Catholicism, Budism and Protestantism. We wanted to make some thing different and a teacher suggested the Wicca ”, say Luana, that, like her friend, never knew nothing about this religion.

To explain the principles of the Modern Witchcraft to the laymen, was made a fast workshop about Wicca. “There are much people that don't know nothing and need informations because have much charlatans. We want to avoid that this happen and to inform correctly the people”, say Vevina Mavelle, coordinator of the workshop.

Udi Lestat interviewing Claudiney Prieto

Making the good

The Pagan Pride Project started about em 1998, in United States. The idea was of Cecylyna e Dagonet Dewr, that wanted to create a moviment to diminute the preconception about the Paganism. Today, the event is made every year, at september, in 89 cities if the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Italy e Holland

The moviment have also the social preoccupation. Every year, are made prayers to humanity and collected aliments for some local institution. In Sao Paulo, the aliments was donated to GRATHI (Assistant Group to Treatment and Childhood Receiving), that receive children of all Brazil states that need some treatment in hospitals in Sao Paulo City.

This year, all prayers go to the worldwide peace. In Brazil, this event had present in all states where Abrawicca is: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Recife.

If you want to see the original materia in portuguese, you can do this visitint the web site: http://www.bruxas.com.br/materia_paganday.php