Pagan Pride Day



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Founded in 1974 by Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to networking, research, spiritual healing, community celebrations, and education. The Circle sponsors gatherings and encourages Nature preservation with Nature meditations and workshops celebrated at diverse locations including the Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, a 200 acre site in the forested hills of southwestern Wisconsin, USA.
The Military Pagan Network Inc. is currently the only organization dedicated strictly to the support of military Pagans, which includes veterans, retired, reserve, National Guard and dependent family members. We work to educate the military and maintain your rights to worship and assist you with any situations that develop.
The Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network is a service organization operating in the United States and Canada that helps Earth Religion Rights activists communicate so they can help people with legal problems associated with religious discrimination. However, ERLAN, as such, is not the direct provider of the help to individuals with suh problems. The members of ERAL and those individuals and organizations who work with them do that, along with allot of independent individuals and organizations.
Correct misinformation, raise awareness and educate the general public about Paganism and associated beliefs and practises in order to achieve religious tolerance
Dedicated to creating ecologically balanced, floating ocean communities and terra-formed, permacultured islands, grown from the mineral-rich waters of the tropical oceans. We wish to share our creations and technologies to help expand the unity, prosperity and quality of life, of all the people of Earth.
WRAPP advocates for Earth Religion Civil, Constitutional and religious rights and for religious tolerance, promoting understanding through networking and communication.