Pagan Pride Day



Are we associated with the Pagan Pride ribbon campaign?

To clarify something: the various Pagan Pride ribbon campaigns are _not_ an official function of the Pagan Pride Project, Inc. That's not to say we think they should be stopped; on the contrary, any organized action to increase community awareness of Paganism is a good thing. However, there has been a lot of confusion in reference to this, to the point where we've received emails asking why we chose the color scheme on the ribbon. We merely want to clarify that _we_ didn't choose it, and in fact have nothing to do with the ribbon project. In legalese, any Pagan Pride ribbon project is not endorsed, sponsored, or controlled by the Pagan Pride Project, Inc, or its board of directors.

However it is a worthwhile cause. One ribbon campaign that we know of (there are many) is run by Fellowship of the Earth and is detailed at Fellowship of the Earth - Fight the Fear!

PPP, Inc, intends to at some point offer something to wear for Pagan Pride purposes, but it's not likely to be a ribbon. (If you're curious as to the motivation behind that decision, go to your favorite video store. Rent the incredibly funny and sad movie "Jeffrey". Watch the AIDS benefit scene closely.)

Cecylyna Dewr
Executive Director, Pagan Pride Project, Inc

Dagonet Dewr
Membership Director, Pagan Pride Project, Inc