Pagan Pride Day



October 24, 2001


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Executive Director, Pagan Pride Project

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Membership Director, Pagan Pride Project
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With all 2001 events finished, the final attendance and charitable contribution numbers for 2001 Pagan Pride Day events have surpassed all past figures.

In a total of 76 events held in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, and Brazil, attendance for 2001 came in at 17,494, over 8,000 more than 2000's attendance figures. This was despite events being rescheduled and relocated in several areas due to the tragedy of September 11.

Charitable contributions were up as well. Pagan Pride attendees donated 15,175 pounds of food and goods to local food banks, womens' and children's shelters and charities, animal shelters, and relief agencies working to alleviate the WTC bombing. This was over 6,000 pounds more than last year. Finally, Pagan Pride attendees dug deep into pockets and change jars to donate $15,090.21 to local, regional, and national charities, including a large group donation to the Red Cross which is still being counted, but is estimated at over $1,000. This was an astonishing $10,179.05 more than last year.

The Pagan Pride Project also has collected over 1000 signatures on the Tempest Smith Tolerance Pledge, an online and print pledge oathing the signatories to practice religious tolerance.

Plans for 2002 include the First Annual Out Of The Broom Closet Day, scheduled for October 31, on which Pagan Pride is asking folks to wear a public symbol of their religious beliefs or to come out of the 'broom closet' to coworkers, family, or friends. In addition, many PPP Local Coordinators and organizing committees are considering doing other events throughout the year.

The Pagan Pride Project already has 83 events signed up for next year, including new events in Randsburg, South Africa; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Dover, DE; Buffalo, NY; Elmira, NY; Lock Haven, PA; Davenport, IA; Fort Smith, AR; Newport, AR; Joplin, MO; Cedar City, UT; Kalamazoo, MI; Smyrna, TN; Charlotte, NC; San Francisco, CA; and Ventura, CA. For a complete list of 2002 events or any other information, please check out our website at