Pagan Pride Day




Pagan Pride Essay Contest Opens

Chicago, IL - July 15, 2002 (PPP)

Pagan Pride Day is an international event that has captured the imagination of society. It is a time when Pagans all over the United States and the world begin to recognize themselves as community members. Every September, Pagans come put of the broom closet and openly discuss their faith in communities from sea to shining sea in America. Last year's events of September 11th brings this need to share their faith with the American People into deeper focus. This year the Pagan community will be able to express it through essays.

As part of the Pagan Pride Day, will be sponsoring an essay contest on Pagan Pride. Witch School will be participating by asking for and posting essays on Pagan Pride . They are looking for the Pagan Community to tell us what makes them proud to be a Pagan, about projects that have been good for the community or possibly a person who exemplifies Pagan Pride.

"Pagans have a lot to say, are patriotic and dedicated to service to the community." According to Lisa Tuit, Pagan Pride Essay Project Coordinator, "Pagans love to read, write, and share knowledge and experiences. If given the proper format, Pagans show themselves to be good citizens and even better neighbors. These essays will give people a way to express their faith in a way that is approachable by even the most outspoken opposition. This essay project will give everyone a way to come to understand the Pagan society a little bit better."

To participate individuals need send in their essays where they will be posted and others will be able to visit and view them.The top essays, as chosen by a top secret team of judges, will receive prizes. The best essay for adult and teen will receive $100.US cash prize, and 4 runner ups (two adult and two teen) will receive $50. WitchSchool Gift certificates. Fifty (50) Runner-ups will receive a one year Scholarship to The essay contest will run until Sept. 21st, with winners announced Sept 30th.

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CONTACT: Lisa Tuit, PPD Essay Coordinator