Pagan Pride Day



September 17, 2001



It is with profound regret and outrage that our coalition of national Pagan organizations, clergy, civil rights advocates and community organizers notes the irresponsible statements made by Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson on the "700 Club" broadcast on September 13, 2001.

We would like to remind Mr. Falwell and Mr. Robertson that the recent heinous acts of terrorism suffered by our country were perpetrated by fanatics intending to reduce our citizenry to their level. These acts were certainly not perpetrated by Pagans. While Mr. Falwell has issued a general apology, his attempt to turn a horrible tragedy to personal gain is reprehensible and must be seen for what it is.

In this time of great crisis, people of faith turn to their leaders for guidance. American Pagan leaders have supported rescue and relief efforts from the first hours of the tragedies. We are continuing to marshal our resources to provide aid to the stricken, as well as to protect and defend our American Muslim brothers and sisters from unwarranted bigotry and attacks. We call upon Mr. Falwell and Mr. Robertson to join with us in caring for those in need and treating as sacred our deeply-held American principle of religious freedom.

Issued by the following individuals and groups:
Nancy Machin, President, and Cairril Adaire, National Coordinator, Pagan Educational Network, Inc.
Dana D. Eilers, J.D.
Ellen Evert Hopman, Pagan author and Druid, Order of the Whiteoak (Ord Na Darach Gile)
Rev. Rose "Owl" Wise and Rev. Tom "Moose" Dixon, Stewards, Ozark Avalon
Rev. Selena Fox, High Priestess, Circle Sanctuary
Abby Willowroot, Executive Director, Goddess 2000 Project
Rev. Rona Coomer-Russell, Coordinator, Isis Invicta Military Mission
Andras Corban Arthen, Director, EarthSpirit
Anne Newkirk Niven, Editor-in-Chief, SageWoman, PanGaia, and The Blessed Bee Magazines
Rev. Joan Van Becelaere, President, Phaedra Oorbeck, Vice-President, and Rev. Patrick Price, Trustee, Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Inc.
Rev. David L. Oringderff, Ph.D., Executive Director, Sacred Well Congregation
Charlayne Denney, Founding Elder, Equitas Venificii Tradition of Wicca
Marilyn E. Dillon, Director of Communications, Council of the Magickal Arts, Inc.
Phyllis Curott, J.D., H.Ps.
Rev. Victoria Mieth, RN, Celtic Trad. Order of Druids
M. Macha NightMare, Priestess & Witch, Pagan Author
Maryam Webster, Founding Elder, WyrdWeavers Collective
Michael T. Anderson, President, Covenant of the Goddess
Rev. Bill Kilborn, National Treasurer and Membership Director, Alternative Religions Educational Network
Kirk White, Executive Director, Church of the Sacred Earth
Jerrie Hildebrand, Priestess, Writer and Earth Religious Community Organizer
Michael Dorn, President, Pagan Community Council of Ohio
Cecylyna Dewr, Executive Director, and Dagonet Dewr, Membership Coordinator, International Pagan Pride Project
Rev. Patrick M. McCollum, National Coordinator, Lady Liberty League Prison Ministry