Pagan Pride Day




For More Info, Contact:

Cecylyna Dewr
Executive Director, Pagan Pride Project

Abby Willowroot
Goddess 2000 Project – "A Goddess On Every Block!"


The Goddess 2000 Project ( and the Pagan Pride Project ( are pleased to announce that the two organizations have agreed to work together effective July 13, 2001.

Goddess 2000 Project coordinators and participants will join this year’s Pagan Pride Project Celebrations. Displays of Goddess & Pagan Art or "Create a Goddess" spaces where PPD attendees can exercise their own creativity, will be added to Pagan Pride Celebrations in many local areas, as part of the G2000 Project's "A Goddess on Every Block!" initiative. So far this year, PPD has formally set up 83 Pagan Pride events during the month of September in the US, Canada, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, and Australia. Participation of Goddess 2000 local coordinators will help create, coordinate, and organize Pagan Pride events in areas where PPD does not currently have events. Goddess 2000 has local coordinators in 52 countries.

In the words of PPD Executive Director Cecylyna Dewr, "It's a logical combination. We both have local coordinators all over the globe. Working together lets us combine our resources so that neither of us reinvents the wheel. Both of our primary goals are to help the positive parts of our spirituality come out in the light where others can see them. Whether you're designing a beautiful painting of the Goddess, or giving canned goods to a food bank, you're seeing the entire span of all that is positive about our spiritual journeys."

Goddess 2000 Project Director Abby Willowroot comments "We are very pleased to be working with PPD in sharing information and building community. It is this type of cross-tradition cooperation that is making the Pagan community healthy and strong." The goal of the G2000 Project is to encourage the creation of sacred imagery by artists and non-artists alike. The goal of the Pagan Pride Project is to foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity and community. PPD encourages this through their network of Pagan Pride Day events, media relations, and participation in community charities.

For more information, please contact the Goddess 2000 Project at their website, or contact the Pagan Pride Project at their website or at (317) 536-3145.