Pagan Pride Day



Radio Public Service Announcement

:30 PSA - Pagan Pride

Diversity, caring for the earth, and respecting each other; these are the hallmarks of Pagan and Earth-centric religions, and those faiths continue to grow as we move towards the diversity needed to deal with a new millenium. Join others whose spirituality is Earth-centric at (Insert State, Province, or other Location) Pagan Pride Day, to be held (place) at (time). Take Pride in the Earth; take Pride in yourself. Pagan Pride, (date).

Print Press Releases

Harvest Celebration written by Cec with help

The Los Angeles Press Release written by a California Public Relations professional

The Southampton Press Release written by Cerridwen, Southampton LC and a UK Public Relations professional

Press Kit from Pagan Pride Day 2000, Los Angeles

Information on Working With the Media

Some general tips written by Brian

How to get press written by Dag

Crucial tips for the interview from Cec and Jerrie Hildebrand

How to Do an Interview with the Media (word document), by Cerri, RC and PPP media developer.

Paganpride European Media Guide (word document), for events in Europe and elsewhere, written by Cerri, RC and PPP media developer.

Pagans and the Press: How to Get Your Local Rag to Take Your Religion Seriously by Jane (at Witchvox)

Mondo Times for finding press contact information (Also consult the Bacon Guide available in the reference section of the public library)

MANAGING THE MEDIA: A Guide for Activists by Carolyn Fennelly of the Community for Creative Non-Violence (very long)